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We provide translations of essential documents to facilitate your most important procedures. These translations involve the conversion of texts from one language to another, enabling their submission to the relevant authorities.

These documents and their translations are typically required when conducting business outside the document’s country of origin and in a different language. Additionally, for them to be legally valid, they must be certified by a notary. Therefore, our trained team will handle the translation of your documents, attesting that the translation is a faithful copy of the original document, providing it with legal validity.

What types of documents can be translated?

We offer translations of various documents, including:

What are these document translations used for?

Obtaining a document with accurate translations allows you to validate its information, making it easier to use outside the country of origin and ensuring that you can carry out your most important procedures properly.

¿Cuáles son los requisitos para la traducción de documentos?

The only requirement for document translations is to provide the original document you wish to translate. This makes the process simple and quick.

How long does it take to receive my translated document?

The delivery time within the United States is 24 hours.

The delivery time outside the United States is 3 business days.

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